oh, this old thing? *pulls out my grandma from my pocket*

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I wanna go to college nowwwwww

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@myself what the fuck are you doing

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And after the sixth shot, it stopped tasting like tequila, and started tasting like your kiss. So I got addicted.
― text messages i sent without getting a reply (via touch-ifyouneedto)
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i was making a lot of mistakes and then my archery instructor said:

“you make mistakes because you’re focusing on the target and not on your actions”

and i was like woah

thanks for giving me the best life advice i’ve ever gotten

guys just think about how applicable this is to EVERYFUCKINGTHING

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You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want.
S.E. Hinton  (via harukimuracallme)

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College is viewed as a necessity, yet priced as a luxury.

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